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February 20, 2012
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Each of these Drabbles is based off the picture by YukiOni in the description. This picture belongs to her and Transformers belongs to Hasbro! Please enjoy!

4. Not the same

Starscream awoke to the sounds of shrill cries the next morning, but he groaned and rolled over in his berth curling up on his side. The cries and screams continued as the pitch of whatever was making the cries fluctuated from audio splittingly high to low whimpers. Starscream sat up blinking and looked around a little confused at first. He was in a med bay but not the one from the Nemesis, and there were two make shift cribs to the side of him; the cribs seemed to be the source of the wailing. Then it all snapped back to him: he'd left earth, he was with his family on this ship , and the crying was his sparklings. He scrambled from the bed and fell onto his knees his as his legs wobbled and gave out underneath him. This did not dieter the seeker from his goal to see his two beautiful sparklings as he used the medical berth to stand up again. He moved slowly over to the cribs and looked inside them; tears formed in his optics as he looked at the little femme and Mech. They were identical to each other in just their little protoform bodies, but once they were able to open their optics they would scan their parents and take their first form of armor, plating, and abilities. The only way one could tell now what little one was a femme and which one was the mech, was the little plumes of metal that rose up on their fore helms; much like Starscream. The femms was a light shade of a rosy pink, and the mechs was a deep royal blue; these plumes would fall off, without pain, once they had taken on whatever armor they scanned from their parents.
Starscream reached into each crib and held the seekerlets close to his chassis rocking them gently. Upon hearing their mothers spark beating under his thin armor they calmed down and began to snuggle closer to him. Starscream watched with a satisfied purr as they nuzzled their face plates into his chassis letting out soft chirps and twills. Starscream pulled his eyes away from his sparklings to look at the door as it opened. Lag walked in and smiled when he saw Starscream coddling his sparklings.
"Nice to see you awake, Starscream. Their cries could be heard all over the ship so I went to go get them some energon. I got the bottles here if you want to feed them."Lag chuckled going over to him with the two purple glowing bottles.
Starscream nodded his thanks and took one noting the warm temperature, "Did you make sure these wouldn't be to hot?"
"Of course, you act like this is the first time I've handled newborns." Laugh laughed.
"….Is it?" The seeker asked a little concerned now about the young medics experience.
"Yes…," Lag admitted bashfully, "Anyway, I will take one if you want some help."
"Actually  could you go get Megatron? I want him to experience this with his children."
Lag made no move to get up and leave to go get his mate but instead looked down and his optics sunk with guilt, " Yeah …. About that…."
Starscream looked at him quizzically, "Lag? What are you not telling me?"
"Megatron…..isn't on the ship….he was never here."
"But I heard him! I felt his hands! How can you tell me he was not here when you were in the same room with him when it happened!?"
"Because it wasn't him!.... Wrek …she has this ability to mimic voices she's heard. She thought if she used it to calm you down I would be able to get the seekerlets out of your spark."
Starscream glared at him, "So she tricked me…. All of you did!"
"Starscream please it –"
"Leave! Get out of here now!" He hissed taking both bottles from Lag, "I can feed them on my own! Get the frag out!"
Lag flinched away from Starscream about to protest but nodded and left. Starscream was angry and his sparklings could feel it; they whimpered and squirmed in his arms trying to show they shared their mothers upset feelings. Starscream sighed calming down before giving both their bottles. It was a little hard for him to feed them both at one time but he didn't want to put either of them down. After bit of maneuvering he got them both into a comfortable position and rocked them gently as they suckled down the sweet warm energon. He felt betrayed, especially from his own brothers who had let that glitch trick him into thinking that Megatron had been with him.  He wished Megatron was there, that the silver tyrant was helping to feed their little sweetsparks, and most of all he wished Megatron was here to hold him close and shower him with affection.

5. Coming home  

Starscream rarely left the med bay in the days that followed, and he made more than sure that Lag was the only one that came in. He was still mad at the others, especially Wrek, for tricking him but Lag was always trying to convince him there had been no other way to get him to relax. Starscream was starting to believe it a bit remembering how panicked he had been during the entire birth; however that did not give them the right to trick him like she had! He sighed and stroked the soft metallic plumes on the heads of his children as the re charged peacefully. It would be any day now that they opened their optics for the first time and Starscream was beginning to dread it. Without a second parent to scan his children would be nothing more than replica's of himself; although this wasn't a bad thing, he was looking forward to seeing parts of Megatron in at least one of them.
The door of the med bay opened and Starscream barely glanced at who entered, but he could see out of the corner of his optics it was Wrek. He growled and turned to face her, his wings were on end like a cat when they fluff their fur to make themselves look bigger.  He hissed and moved into a defensive fighting position in front of the twins cribs daring the captain to come closer. She got the hint though and stayed at the other end of the room.
"I came to ask you something…" She stated simply not tearing her optics away from his.
"What is that?"
"What would you have done in my situation?"
Starscream blinked at her his guard lowering as he pondered what she meant. Wrek saw him begin to drop his guard and took a step forward.
"You were in pain, you were scared, and if I hadn't calmed you down you could have lost your seekerlets…."
"That still gives you no right to trick me!" Starscream hissed at her.
"I know that … and you know that …pit, everyone on this ship knows that. I'm sorry for tricking you I really am, but I don't regret it. If you hadn't been calmed thinking that Megatron was there with you ….well…they might not be here…." She told him solemnly gesturing at the crib.
Starscream considered this for a moment and to his dissatisfaction she had a point. Some carriers under extreme stress and pressure were known to lose sparklings when giving birth if they did not open their sparks wide enough. It would close around the little sparks and prevent them from moving out of the carriers chassis; thus resulting in energy back up which could easily suffocate the spark and snuff it inside the carrier. As much as Starscream didn't want to admit it, she may have saved his sparklings by tricking him. Starscream swallowed his pride and sighed softly before easing out of his previously hostile state. Wrek cracked a small smile and approached him, but Starscream pouted at her with his arms crossed.
"Don't think I'm not mad at you, I am still rather upset; even if I do understand your reasons."
"Thank you, Starscream.  I was actually coming to see if you wanted to be dropped off on Earth. We're on route there to restock on energon."
Starscream blinked at her a couple of times then looked to the cribs where his sparklings were curled up asleep. He thought of what would happen if he went back, what kind of life they might have; they were in the middle of a fragging war for Primus sake! However, he needed Megatron and so did his children. He took a deep intake of air and cycled it through his vents before looking at Wrek; something in him seemed to change the way his optics flashed with confidence and something more.

6. The call

Megatron was going over reports the Vehicon search parties had sent him regarding Arachnid's disappearance. The spindly femme seemed to vanish into thin air disabling any cameras that would hinder her hiding. Orion and Soundwave worked to find her life signal but she was hiding it somehow. He growled and dug his claws into the arms of his throne as another negative report came in from those checking the brigand lower parts of the ship; the search, as he guessed, turned up nothing. He roared in furry and slammed his fist into the arm of the chair denting it slightly. Tears threatened to form into his optics at the thought his seeker would be safe when he returned.
~If he decides to return you mean…~ Soundwave thought to Megatron over the bond.
~Shut up, Soundwave.~ Megatron growled back.
~Orion is on his way to see you.~
~What for?~
~He would not say master; I assume it has something to do with Starscream.~
Megatron sighed and let his feelings of frustration, fear, and longing flow through the bond so Soundwave would know how he was feeling. He was not surprised at all when Soundwave sent back feelings of reassurance, comfort, and sympathy; Megatron still felt lonely without his seeker. The doors behind him opened up but Megatron paid no attention to them or the footsteps as who ever came in approached him.
"Megatronus…" Came that sweetly innocent and shy voice.
Megatron turned his throne around to look at Optimus and was about to speak when lips crashed into his own. Orion wrapped his arms around Megatron's neck and held the kiss though he was shaking nervously. Megatron had no idea what to do, pushed between getting Orion off him or kissing back; he really couldn't make a decision. Before long he didn't have to as Orion pulled away and looked to the floor.
"I'm sorry…." He muttered.
"Orion…what was that?!" Megatron snapped alarmed at the sudden change in the younger mech.
Orion sighed and kept his eyes to the floor, "It's just that… Starscream doesn't seem to be coming back … and I thought ….I mean it was stupid ….but I had to try … and…"
Megatron pressed a finger to the young bots lips, "You are rambling Orion, speak clearly and tell me what's on your processer."
Orion sighed and regained his composer and opened his mouth to tell Megatron what he had to say, but something mischievous glimmered in his optics. Orion engulfed Megatron's finger into his mouth and sucked on it gently working his glossa around the clawed appendage. Megatron tensed in his throne and watched as his oldest friend began to suck off his finger; a blush came over the younger mech as he continued. Megatron understood now and pulled his finger away from the other s warm mouth.
"Orion…. Do you have feelings for me?"
Orion lifted his gaze and stared straight into Megatron's optics, "I've always had feelings for you, I just never said anything. I regret it a little now that I never said anything, because maybe if I had I would be your mate."
Megatron looked at Orion and could see the sadness in his optics. The silver tyrant closed his own optics and tried to contact Starscream through their bond; it was silent as it had been since he had left. Megatron had to come to terms now that he may never get his seeker back, but he could take back what he could have had before and make Orion, HIS Orion. He opened his Optics again and looked at Orion, the once desk clerk looking up at him for an answer. He got one to as Megatron brought him forward into a gentle kiss. Megatron chuckled slightly as Orion's glossa traced over the seam of his lips demanding entrance which Megatron was more than happy to give. Their glossa's danced together in a battle for dominance as Megatron pulled Orion into his lap.  He broke the kiss and moved down to Orion's neck biting at the sensitive wires and even puncturing a couple of energon lines. Orion moaned and arched his hips into Megatron's forcing their interfacing panels to scrape together causing a pleasured hiss to escape Megatron's mouth.  Megatron bit into Orion's shoulder as the red and white mech licked and nibbled at his own neck wires. The silver tyrant purred and could have died happy right there as he groped Orion's aft pulling him closer ; of course then he looked up a bit and found Starscream watching them on the call screen.  Megatron stopped and blinked in the almost silent room, the only noise was coming from his and Orion's cooling fans as they worked over time on the heated bots. Starscream was watching them with a look of triumph and arousal.
"Oh don't stop on my account, Lord Megatron, please continue." He purred in that sultry way.
Orion yelped at the sudden interruption and turned to face Starscream in shock much like Megatron was.
"S-Starscream?" Megatron breathed then looked at the position him and Orion were in and began to panic, " This isn't what it looks like! We were just…..I …. We…."  Megatron babbled trying to think of anything to say about their situation.
Starscream threw back his helm and laughed loudly filling the entire room; for this Megatron was thankful but he wasn't sure why. Then he felt something deep in his spark; it was tiny but it was there. Joy . He could feel it welling up inside him as it poured through his bond with Starscream. The seeker was happy to catch him with who he believed to still be Optimus Prime, he was happy that they had two beautiful and healthy sparklings, and he was happy that….
"I'm coming home, Megatron."
Part 2 of 4
Starscream is comeing home! yay! but is the danger from Arachnid Over? you can bet your aft it's not XD
A little more heated in his chaper *eyebrow wiggle*
next part the Twins will open their little eyes and yes I do have names for them XD
Transformers belongs to hasbro
and thanks to :iconyukioni: for the insparation ^^
and thanks to all of you for reading I want to have another update soon so keep watching
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